Find a Doctor

Denver Health Medical Plan, Inc. (DHMP) offers an online search tool to assist members in finding health care providers. This online provider search can help you find the primary care provider (PCP) or specialist who best suits the health care needs of you and/or your family.

It is important to build a relationship with your PCP. Your PCP leads a team of health care professionals who become your "medical home" and will ensure you receive the health care services you need.

This search tool will allow you to look for a PCP or specialist in different ways, such as by gender and language spoken as well as location of practice.

DHMP makes every effort to ensure the information in this directory is accurate and updated on a regular basis.

Important Information

This provider search tool can help you get health care and includes all DHMP doctors. However, changes may occur to this list at any time. At any time, you may call Member Services at 303-602-2100 to get a current Provider Directory.

Being in Denver Health Medical Plan, Inc. (DHMP) does not mean you will always see a certain doctor. When you make an appointment on the appointment center line, you may be scheduled with the correct office, but not a certain doctor. If you would like to make sure a doctor is available, call Member Services. All doctors in this Provider Directory accept new DHMP members.

If you would like other details about a doctor such as their age, gender, or race/ethnicity, please call Member Services.

This Provider Directory, and all other member information, is available in other languages, Braille, large print, and audiotapes. Please call DHMP Member Services at 303-602-2100 if you need this Provider Directory in a different language or format.

DHMP provides interpreter services for many languages at no cost to our members. If you would like to use an interpreter during your clinic visits, please tell the Appointment Center representative when you make your appointment. If you would like to use an interpreter for any other health care need, please call Member Services.

DHMP also offers TDD/TTY services for the hearing impaired. The TDD/TTY phone number for Member Services is 303-602-2129 and is also listed in the “Important Phone Numbers” section below. If you need a sign language interpreter or other assistance during your clinic visits, please let Member Services know before your appointment date so arrangements can be made with an interpreter.

DHMP does not use geographic measures, quality measures, member experience measures, patient safety measures or cost-related measures to select physicians or hospitals for our network.