About us

The Denver Health Medical Plan, Inc. (DHMP) was created in 1997 to fill a need for affordable health care coverage for employees of the Denver Health Authority and the Career Service Authority. DHMP is an entity of the Denver Health and Hospital Authority (DHHA) and now cares for more than 15,000 lives.

DHMP concentrates its efforts on delivering quality health care products and services. The goal is to provide the Denver community with access to high quality, cost-effective, locally managed health care to our customers' satisfaction. Because we are also residents of the Denver metro area, we offer a unique understanding of our members' individual needs and concerns.

Our Mission

To provide quality, accessible and affordable healthcare services in the Denver area. In partnership with our providers we continually seek to improve the health and well being of our members by:

  • Promoting wellness and disease prevention
  • Providing access to culturally diverse comprehensive health services
  • Enabling members to play an active role in their health care
  • Delivering our services with responsibility and respect to all